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1.Why should I purchase my glass splashback from Sydney Splashbacks?

  • We pride ourselves on delivering innovative glass products, quality workmanship and exceptional customer service.
  • We only install TOUGHENED glass.
  • We offer our customers thousands of solid and metallic colours to select from, as well as toughened mirror and our digitally printed glass splashback range.
  • We provide on-site professional advice and all consultants carry 50 coloured glass samples to appointments for viewing under your lighting conditions.
  • Our glass splashbacks are custom made. We can do panels up to 5000mm.
  • We ensure consistency across the job, as the appointed measurer will also conduct the installation of the glass splashback.
  • We exclusively offer our customers a coating product for their glass splashback which greatly reduces cleaning time and repels dirt and grease.
  • Quotations are provided on the spot at an on-site measure.
  • We provide a 7 year warranty on our glass splashbacks.

2. Why should I select a glass Splashback as opposed to tiles?

  • Glass splashbacks are clean and hygienic
  • No grout means no mould or mildew
  • Glass splashbacks are easy to clean
  • Heat resistant
  • Colour choice is endless
  • Glass splashbacks are modern and sophisticated;
  • The reflective surface of a glass splashback brightens and lightens any room
  • Glass splashbacks are affordable!

3.What types of glass do you use?

At Ultimate Sydney Splash Backs, we use the following two types of glass:

  • Standard clear glass
  • Starphire glass

 All glass contains a certain amount of iron which appears green in colour. Starphire glass contains less iron than standard clear glass and is therefore less green in colour. Starphire glass provides a truer representation of your selected colour. Our staff can advise you regarding the suitability of either glass type based on your selected colour choice.

4. Is the glass made to Australian Standards?

Definitely. At Sydney Splashbacks, we use 6mm toughened safety glass for all our splashback panels.

5. At what stage should I schedule a measure and quote?

All cabinetry and bench tops need to be installed prior to a measure being conducted. Additionally, all electrical work needs to be completed. If a glass splashback is being installed behind a range hood canopy, the range hood needs to have been pre-installed and the fixing points marked prior to our consultant attending to conduct the measure.

6. What surface do you need to apply the glass splashback onto?

We require a smooth surface with no protrusions. The splashback can be applied onto plasterboard, cement sheet, MDF or concrete walls. We do not recommend applying a glass splashback onto existing tiles due to a resulting loss of bench space and a thick appearance along visible edges.

7.What colors can I select from?

At Sydney Splash Backs, we provide a large range of solid/flat colours for your selection. These colours come from the Dulux, Taubmans, Wattyl, Bristol Paints, Resene ranges. We also carry a large range of metallic colours and toughened mirror (silver, bronze and grey tints available), as well as our digitally printed glass range. We can colour match to suit your requirements.

8.How long will it take to install the glass splashback from the time an order is placed?

Approximately 7 days. Yes we are fast! possibly the quickest turn aorund in Sydney!

9. How do I clean my glass splashback?

We recommend you use a streak free glass cleaner with a good quality paper towel or lint free cloth.

10. Do you provide a warranty?

At Sydney Splash Backs, we provide a 7 year warranty covering workmanship and colour delamination. You are not covered for breakage due to impact.

11. Is a deposit required and what payment methods do you accept?

We require a 40% deposit prior to your order being placed. We accept cash, bank/personal cheques, or payment can be made by direct deposit or transfer into our Business account.

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